Portal Knights suggestions

Hi so far loving this whole thing plus the staff is really great. So I have mainly been using this for portal knights leveling characters up real quick instead of investing hours of my life doing so and i have a suggestion. It seems the experience bar can only level my character up to level 23 and no higher so i suggest changing the value to the level instead of the quantity of xp so then you can allow people to reach up to max level which is 30. Also some other suggestions- adding a infinite attribute point cheat would be AWESOME!!! Also not sure if im just doing something wrong but i cant seem to figure out how the infinite item thing works as well as infinite money.

@NuggetOfCourage You can make requests here:

thanks just did it now

@NuggetOfCourage Your welcome :slight_smile: .

How much xp you think should be for level 30?

I’m not sure so let see if I can figure out how much

It says 300,000 on the Google but I’m not sure if that’s right

Yeah that can’t be right I don’t have a clue

@STN & @NuggetOfCourage Max level is level 30, but there is no source that gives you how much experience you need to reach the max level.

It seems to me it’s going to have to be a trial an error thing

Sorry to spam you but I think you should just change the command to an execute command