Possibility to disable all shortcuts/keys

Would be awesome to disable all shortcuts/keys with a single click.

There are already similar feature requests, so what’s the problem with this feature? Should be quite simple to implement.

It’s really annoying if one key enables something which you don’t want.

All workarounds are just workarounds, please implement a “lock” button.

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Hello and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

This feature already exists in a one-at-a-time manner:

  1. Click a cheat hotkey in the trainer.
  2. Press the delete key.

Alternatively, change the hotkey (again by clicking it) to something you cannot press by accident, like Shift+Num1.
Also, as a Pro user, you have access to the remote app and the game bar overlay, two alternative and easier ways of controlling cheats.

On the other end, some users might accidentally click a “disable all hotkeys” button, get annoyed and make a suggestion post to remove it. :slight_smile:

Not a really userfriendly workaround, i actually like the way how it’s implemented in cheathappens trainers :thinking: … so i would like to keep this feature request open.
Sometimes the hotkeys are handy, sometimes i would like to disable them all and not to reassign them again and again and again.

As a pro user i would like to disable ALL hotkeys by default because i can use other ways to enable them. But please make this possible for all trainers :slight_smile:

So then you should also remove the X button on the right top side, maybe users might get annoyed that this closes the app.
I’m also a developer, so I’m not with you with this point :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion – this isn’t the first time I’ve seen it. Are you recommending a hotkey that toggles hotkey functionality on/off, or more like a checkbox in the app that disables it? I’m not familiar with how CH does it.

probably a switch since the hotkeys are the problem in this case to begin with

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+1 for the switch/checkbox

any progress or ETA for this feature?

It is close to the top of the todo list, so I’d expect sometime next month. Don’t quote me on that though!

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Stopped by to ask this very question lol
Also thanks for the head up about using the delete Key :slight_smile: