Possible Madden Ultimate Team Pack Glitch

Story Behind Glitch(Madden 13)

Hey Xbox MB Community today I want to bring to light a glitch I think I may have founded. In no way am I acknowledging i did so, but while searching I couldn't find and tutorials or videos on it. So last Saturday day I had bought a 1600 Microsoft point code. For those of you MUT Gamers you know you can buy the Legendary Bundle(3) pack for 1600. This was my second time doing so, and for some reason when you buy the bundle it adds it to your queue to download. So as normal for anything I proceeded to the dashboard to download it. Once done I got back on and saw that I had no packs available. My first reaction was wtf. So I go back to the store as if I was going to re-buy the Bundle and what do you know the packs were there. So I open all of them go play a game and I get a message saying they processed my packs and they gave me 3 packs again! So this glitch still works for me as I type this and I want to share it with everyone. If you are going to buy a legendary bundle in the near future before it gets patched then use the following tutorial that I still use to get my extra pack(s) yes one time i got 2 more bundles. If it doesn't work for you,well it will not harm you in any way. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Text Tutorial

Step 1. Redeem your 1600 or 4000 point code.
Step 2. Buy the Legendary Bundle(This is the only confirmed packs I got glitch to work)
Step 3. Dashboard immediately and download Bundle(3) Pack,once downloaded get back on game.
Step 4.When your on the game go back to the store as if the re-buy bundle again(ignore my packs)
Step 5. Open all packs, then go play a game on madden ultimate team.
Step 6. After a while it will give you 3 messages saying it processed your packs and give you another bundle but this time it should be in my packs.

If you have any questions please message me on Xbox Live or pm me on here. My name on Live is my name on here. If i’m not online on my main account PM me and il message you my farmer ultimate team xbl name. If your still confused I can try to provide a video if it still works by the time i get more Microsoft points.

P.S: [u][/u]Madden’s Latest Update may have patched this![b][/b]

im going to have to try this

I tried this and it didn’t work.
Thanks for sharing though!

Thanks for sharing !