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Possible major issue with Wemod

ever since I have installed wemod my pc has been both occasionally freezing, not blue screening but simply freezing whatever it is doing and had been doing it while wemod is not currently In use and it has shut down as if it was unplugged. there seems to be no pattern as to when this happens and I wanted to ask if Wemod could be the cause of this?

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WeMod would not be the cause of this. It doesn’t use very much resource wise and doesn’t play with anything it shouldn’t. If you haven’t made any changes I’d check your powerstrip your computer is plugged into, give thought to the last time your PC was cleaned and thermal paste was re-applied and scan for viruses :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello and welcome to WeMod. :smiley: :wave:

I second @Instinct’s post above. I have not experienced any such issues since using WeMod and I haven’t heard of anyone else having such issues with WeMod.

Your motherboard is designed to instantly shut down the machine if it finds a potential danger or threat to the processor. In this case, it would be a hardware issue, not a software issue. The most common reason your motherboard might deliberately kill the power to your processor and shut you down is because of overheating.

Thermal Paste
As said by Instinct, check the thermal paste inside your machine to see if it might need replacing. Many corporations use cheap thermal paste in their devices to save on manufacturing costs.

Cooling Fans
If you use a PC, it might be a good idea to give the cooling fans a clean, to remove all the dust that could be acting counter-productively to the cooling. If you use a laptop, only clean out the cooling fans yourself if you know what you’re doing, as disassembly and reassembly are usually a tad bit more fiddly than a PC - otherwise take it to a repair shop to do it for you.

If you use a laptop bear in mind that they are not ideal for gaming. The cooling fans for laptops, even the specialised gaming ones, are located underneath the device. Which is not ideal because there is very poor air circulation underneath the laptop. Consider purchasing a cooling pad which raises the height of the laptop to allow for more air circulation (a cooling pad with additional fans is ideal).

Shut Down
Whether you have a PC or a laptop, always shut it down when you have finished using it. Computers are not immune to wear and tear. Not shutting the machine down overnight not only speeds up the damage to the hardware over time but can also void any warranty or insurance you have on the device. You wouldn’t leave a car running all night long on the driveway while you’re asleep in bed, would you?
And no, hibernation or putting it to sleep doesn’t count as shutting it down.

Instinct mentioned making sure your power cable is plugged in. Also, make sure your power cable is not damaged. Unplug it from the mains and inspect it for cuts, tears or where the copper wire might be broken internally from over-bending the cable.

A virus can also cause a computer to behave abnormally, including random shutdowns. There are no viruses in the WeMod software (downloaded from the official WeMod website). You can easily pick up a virus from clicking a dodgy link, opening a dodgy email, downloading from a dodgy source or visiting a dodgy website. Do an extensive, full virus scan on your machine.

The age of your machine is also a contributing factor. Nothing is built to last forever - if they were then nobody would buy anything and the global economy would crash. The average life expectancy of a computer before it is expected to begin “degrading” is roughly five years (three years for “slim” model laptops). But this can be extended by looking after the machine well, cleaning it regularly and replacing parts from time to time.


thank you very much for the suggestions i will make sure to look into these issues and thank you for your help once again

hi im gonna post it here becoase it can be either little or smal deppending on my antivirus (bullgaurd)
so im using bullgaurd as mine antivurus but when i open wemod and try to get the beta version of the launcher on pc i get an error message from bullgaurd saying 2 things trainerlib_x86.dll has been puit in qarenteen and celib_x86.dll has been put in qarenteen if i look it up it flags it as troyen horse virus i uplouded the filles as long with the error masage to bulgaurd itself will need to wait for that and try later when bulgaurd gets an update i keep getting the same reaction when i try to repair the files so i cant use the beta version in the meantime what worries me is that i will get this when an normal update comes i recently updated the launcher as wel so its after the recent update

Ya. Antivirus will usually flag wemod as a virus and the trainers. Sometimes it will sneak passed and work till wemod updates then flag it.
It is absolutely not a virus for sure

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+1 to what Ptondo said.
Simply turn off your antivirus, download WeMod and then add WeMod as an exception in your antivirus program before you launch it, to avoid this issue.

The majority of trainer providers have issues with false positives by antiviruses. It’s purely because of the way trainers work, which is by temporarily altering memory addresses in your RAM while a game is running. It’s completely safe, your AV is just being over-cautious.

I’m not familiar with Bullguard. But take a look at this thread for BitDefender to help identify what you’ll need to whitelist in your AV: How to white-list WeMod in BitDefender!