Possible MW3 Weapons

Note these aren’t confirmed

Credit to ExceedHD for the video.

not true, just wait it fail like bo did

Nicee :stuck_out_tongue: <3 thanks for sharing with us.

Isn’t this just a list of weapons someone has put together? and most are off Battlefield anyway.

Possible guns for MW3? Why the hell would you even speculate? They can put any gun they want in there. I don’t see the point of guessing now.

However, suggestions are different. I’d love to see some of those guns in the game, with their proper iron sights.

These are all from BFBC2.
Whoever made this video fails.

Whats the song?


they need to bring back teh M40a3

We know this will be in there

They should put the MP5 from cod 4 in it that gun was really good and the G36

Just me or does the creator think MW3 will be a mix of MW2 and BFBC2? Gun wise.

BFBC2? :wink:

As we all know these guns are from Battlefield Bad Company 2. But who’s to say some won’t be on Modern Warfare 3. But I guess I would like to see the M40A3 back… But that’ll never happen. lol

I think they should make a game mode online which allows players to only use the old school guns from cod 4 call it old school mode ? i dunno :laughing:

If it’s not it should be, so you can kill yourself, after you play the game.


BTW im sorry but this is the most stupidest thing ever

Bro Don’t Cause Flaming and dude Mw2 Failed + Mw3 Is gonna have different Makers so don’t get your hopes in that it will fail

I just wanna run

I just hope they put intervention in there so we can quickscope again or else it will fail as hard as black ops did :stuck_out_tongue:

I could not say it better then you did just right now.
I really hope the quickscoping is awesome ! :thumbsup: