Possible PS3 3.65 JailBreak

Possible New Jailbreak? Found this on TTG

Download Link: 3.65 JailBreak

Password: modz2011

Nice, my friend got ranked up the other day some how, wondering if this is it.

He could have 2 PS3s and do it the oringal way with the USB Jailbreak Stick, Phone, Calculator ect…

Possibly. I wanna try it but I don’t have my PS3 atm.

I have my ps3 next to me. Ill try it in a sec

If it bricks you, I will lol :wink:

inb4yourps3isbricked. lmao.

oh Gawd that would suck so much. :laughing:

I don’t care, I don’t use my ps3

Get him the 350 likes, so he posts the tut, then just dislike right after. xD
If not then, I REALLY hope this is legit.

Check his video he uploaded the tut before that video.

That’s the right attitude :smiley:
Tell us how it goes!

Just found this PS3 JailBreak 3.65 Updated Jailbreak PS3