Possible to do Offline .gdp mods for Ascension?

Direct me to the right way if possible or add me on aim : tocoolforyou22

+I do have the GDP editor downloaded but I have no idea what I’m doing.

TL;DR I want to mod Ascension for OFFLINE gdp.

BTW, is clearing System Cache deleting the TU’s?

Hmm im not sure.

Awesome Signature Hazards lol.

OnTopic: A lot of people without jTags would like to know probably.

I believe you need to TU’s to use the gpd’s offline. Possibly try the method found to play online without the TU’s? I’m not really sure.

Nope. Tu’s are in memory>game>black ops. And do gpd’s even work anymore? Offline that is. Cause ive never got it to work.

I want offline, not online.
and for Ascension.

I don’t think it would work cause you need the TU to play Ascension, but to do .gpd mods you need to delete them.

Last I read TU are stored in the cache. And don’t you need a jtag for .gpd or am I way off?

For most games they are, but for black ops there in the black ops save directory on the HDD

Well last time I was on TU3 was in my games folder. I’d check but it’s 2:26 am here. And I’m on my iPod. I know. Sad ._.

I think even if you did delete the TU3 or system cache it would also erase the map pack.

Thanks for info about the TU’s.

So you can’t do it because you need TU4 and you cant do .gdp with TU4 installed?

i didn’t think the title updates blocked gpd modding? only when you try to go online with a modded gpd, you get banned. which means it’s all done server side

i might be wrong. i’ll fire up the jtag tomorrow and test

Move the TU to a memory stick. Start black ops and remove the memory stick? Doubt it work. Just a suggestion.

I believe so, if not then go to memory black ops and they might be there.

I want to play modded gdp offline

add me on AIM : tocoolforyou22
because I need help setting up my own gdp

Oh my gawd, are you guys dumb? I swear, I’m sorry, but people saying, GPD Don’t work, they need a Jtag. The TU is needed for a GPD, etc. Just download a modded GPD, then Delete TU’s from Black Ops folder on your HDD, and Clear Cache and load the maps with ethernet cord unplugged.

you need the tu to play the maps…

Yes, but they’re saying you need TU to use a GPD…