Possible To Root/Jailbreak/Something Else A HTC Freestyle?

I just got the Freestyle today, and it’s ****ing amazing! It runs on Brew MP, and I would like to know if I can hack it or something to make it even better.

Isn’t that what a jtag is? a mod?

Yes… Or a hack… But this is a phone…

Does anyone know?

you can root an android device. get googling on rooting.


What version of android are you running?
Im “assuming 3.0”

Its not Android, its Brew Mp. Thats why im asking…

Never heard of the phone OS Brew MP

Brew MP Website <– That should explain.

Does anyone know any exploits for it?

this should help you hope it does. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=rooting+a+andriod+phone

It’s not running the android os, its running brew mp. Please read previous posts before posting.

For the third time, it’s NOT and Android phone. I even explain this in the OP.

Soo, I guess theres no way I’m rooting it?