Possible to use/run an xbox game downloaded from anywhere besides xbox.com?

In short: I’m cheap, don’t have enough money to trade in my xbox for a worthwhile gaming pc, and I want to download a game (for the xbox 360) not from the xbox marketplace, put it on my flashdrive, and play it on my Xbox 360.

In long: For the longest time, I have purchased games from the Xbox Live Marketplace, well over $100, not to mention my console and accessories. Now I wish to download and run games from a third-party (proper use of term?) website, similar to how one does it for the classic Xbox. With my old Xbox, I could just put the game onto my flashdrive (modded memory slot port :smiley:) and run the game from there.
I wish to do the same (or at least something similar) on my Xbox 360.


download game from site other than xbox.com
put on flashdrive

Well, not profit, unnecessarily waste days on a game I’ll only play about 30 times, until there is an update.

Is it possible? If so, how to do it?

I am familiar with using Horizon, no probs there
I have yet to try to do it, too much hassle to waste hours figuring out that it is impossible or something like that.

Thank you! :thumbsup:

I suggest you invest in a chipped Xbox 360 (JTAG/RGH).