Post all GTA lobbys here

Figured it would be easier for people to just go to a big thread rather than a million smaller threads.

Just post when you start hosting, and your gamertag on here or ask people to post theirs if you want to invite them.


GTA Online Patch 1.03 Available Now for PS3, Disables R2 Mission Restarting And More
Rockstar Games has just released new patch 1.03 for Grand Theft Auto Online, the multiplayer portion of GTA V. The update is available for download on PS3, ant it weighs around 30MB in size.

Source: GTA Online Patch 1.03 Available Now for PS3, Disables R2 Mission Restarting And More | N4G

So anyone that isn’t in a lobby at this moment, should probably get in one and start earning money before this patch comes out XBL. Happy hunting guys.

Wait, who put you in charge of where I should post?


There is a perfectly logical reason for this thread, but if you can’t see that…>.<

Wasn’t directed towards anyone, but it seems more reasonable to have one thread rather than a new thread every couple hours.

Edit: Lobby is full, btw.

I was waiting for somebody to do this, right on.

done for now

I’m done doing the mission for now. Going to go free-roam for a bit.

I’m looking to join a session, pm me for GT.

Thread stuck

If you post your gt to be invited by someone who says they are hosting please quote the post so you don’t get several invites.

hit me up, if you wanna do another round.
Daddy needs a new ferarri…

Kicked me off. Will be doing it when I can get back on the servers.

Going to be hosting soon. Quote this post and leave your gamertag below!

Hosting 9k lobby msg my GT for inv. (It’s the same as my username)

Anyone over level 25 and have the mission Trevors Enigma?
Found this on Reddit, gets you 4k RP and 7K cash.

How long does it take to complete the mission?

Edit: Done for now

I guess it is Ron that gives the mission?

Supposedly 2 minutes.

No. Gerald gives you a contact.

Just so people know, that mission can be replayed and it’s a quick mission. Also, it’s a release after patch mission, as Gerald gives you contact of his friend or whatever and he gives you that mission.

9k lobby’s will be gone tomorrow. But you can still earn 3k from the mission after patch.

Patch fixes minor things. Including loss of money when in missions or tdm, but supposesbly still lose 2k per death in free roam which is stupid.

Also, fixes corrupted Chrs, they can possibly return as uncorrupted Chrs tomorrow. Fixes chances of losing money ranks and apartments after purchasing them or earning them. Small things, biggest thing needs to be fixed for me though is money loss in free roam, or a permanent passive mode that is like 5k for passive until log off, or until we pay 5k to go back to pvp.

About to get tunt up on this $9,000 mission. Leave your gamertag for an invite, or send a message to GATORSHOES2.

LETS HAVE A PARTY, FGTS! Need 2-3 more players…