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I have already seen a few post where the pictures are not displayed properly. I can recommend you Lightshot. Just press “Print” and select the range you want to show, then upload and copy link. It is extremely easy to use.

Lightshot Homepage

Installing Lightshot

Screenshot options

Im a fan of Gyazo. Love it.

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Personally I’ve used ShareX for years and I will never use anything else.

Simply make an Imgur account and every screenshot you ever take will be saved online.

I press two buttons, click a window or custom size rectangle, hit enter, and the imgur link is copied to my clipboard for me to link within about 2 seconds.


The images you are uploading on lightshot are also saved.

Only thing I don’t like about Lightshot and other screenshot programs is the URL.
In Lightshot it gives you a page with the picture, ads and other stuff I don’t want to see.
In Gyazo and many others, the URLs are crazy long and annoying.

On Lightshot, if u want only the imgae, just right click and click on show image.