Post your Christmas Wishlist here!

I know it’s about 2 months until Christmas, but I just thought, why not get into the Christmas spirit a bit early. This thread is mainly for posting your Christmas Wishlists, for those of you who don’t know what a wishlist is, a wish list is basically what you would like to get, weather or not you get it as a gift or you buy it yourself, just throw it on the list. I’m not going to ask you to spill your heart you without me doing so as well. Here is my Christmas Wishlist.

  • Xbox One w/ Kinect
  • Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox One)
  • New Clothes
  • Other little bibs and bobs

I know it’s not much, but it’s pretty early for this but, I don’t expect a huge, long list. I’m still thinking about what I want. Post yours below, this is meant to be fun, just express what your heart desires this Christmas.

Have Fun!! :thumbsup:

In reality, I will never have a Christmas wishlist again, in fantasy, I pick these:

  1. Boobs, many boobs.
  2. A tank with unlimited ammo.
  3. To be 16 again.

I wish I could think of stuff I wanted for Christmas. This **** gets harder every year.

4 christmas i want a new can of febreze


I want this.
But first to never die. because that will probably kill you.

For Christmas I want an Xbox One with SunSet Overdrive :smile:

Can’t forget those pc parts y0


  • Xbox One (w/ Destiny, Halo, GTA:V)

I don’t really have a list, but I want money. Lots. Of. Money.

Rocket Bunny v1 kit for my frs and bags

DXRACER that is all.

  1. scratch and win the million dollar lottery ticket
  2. xbox one
  3. 100 monster energy drinks
  4. 2015 nissan gtr:)