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Needing to do some cleaning, any body know of any good things I could use to customize? or anything?


you could use rainmeter but i think there might be stuff better that’s the only one i know of lol you can do some pretty cool stuff with that though


Here mine. Probs gunna do some Rainmeter **** to it later.

Windows 8 ftw?


That guy would be really cute if he didn’t have so many tattoos, who is it?



Oliver from Bring me the Horizon


He’s really scene, I should feel icky for liking him…



He’s far from scene. It’s just scene girls fall for him like they do with Andy Beirshack (Whatever it is) from Black Veil Brides. Which is the reasons I hate both of those bands. If I had any other reasons to hate BMTH it’s because their album quality decreased until their latest album which hit rock bottom (Like Asking Alexandria second album) so hard there is no way they can recover. But I would feel icky for liking them toosince they get to much credit seeing as most of their fans are in it for the lead vocalist like Sleeping with Sirens and Black Veil Brides.





My rainmeter set up.




Nothing like default.





I can never find a good wallpaper