Post Your Emblem Here!

This might end up to be a pointless thread, but I want to see the creativity and cool emblems made by you guys.


  • NO nudity may be shown in your Emblem. I’m assuming bikini’s are fine as long as they don’t show anything

Here is mine;

^^ It’s the V for Vendeta mask that I made all by myself :wink: ^^

~Guess it didn’t turn out to be a pointless thread :wink: keep the emblems coming!

Welcome to Facebook - Log In, Sign Up or Learn More its not seem to let me post it sp there link

Open Me

use this
[IMG][/ IMG]
take the space out

Mine is a pile of poop with an equals sign pointing to a Treyarch symbol.

Mine is the google chrome logo. Pretty sweet if you ask me.

If only Call of Duty Elite was out now, I could get my emblem from there and post it. But in description, it is a king crown that is white and green and has a 4 leaf clover in the middle of the crown.

Dead img

Got some good ones :wink: and yay my first Sticky! \m/

And no ones posted in it in a week :wink:

Lol I know. Havent been in this forum topic ina while. Never knew it wa Sticky’d lol

congrats bro :thumbsup:

Also to the guy above me. Way to bump bro

It’s stickied derp :stuck_out_tongue:

How does this thread get a sticky? it doesn’t deserve it in my opinion.