Post your Emblem

Title is pretty much self explanatory.

get your playercard emblem from this site
just simply search your platform and GT/PSN
and copy your emblems image URL


Mine was the OG logo but it got reset when I prestiged. :anguished:

yeah i kind of figured a workaround before you prestige copy and paste your emblem to all slots. then edit and save the 1st emblem on the AW app for iphone/android etc.
and once you prestige it should synch back on the app just edit and save again it will be your emblem again.
NOTE- it doesn’t synch instantly it may take a few levelling up before it shows again.

Thanks but I decided I won’t make another until they fix the problem.

I really don’t know how they don’t find problems like this while testing the game.

yeah its beyond me too. haha
also where is that bloody lobby leaderboard disappeared too aswell

I would post my emblem but I don’t have AW yet. I’m going to make the same emblem as I had in Bo2, I will post what it looks like if someone can link me to a Bo2 player card viewer.

I found this info Here

I have my Xbl account synced, but I’m not seeing my emblem from Bo2 where that guy is saying it is.