Post Your Minecraft Epic Builds Here!

I dont think I saw a thread for this so…let’s see some awesome Minecraft builds!!

Don’t know how to take a screenshot?

On your keyboard hold the fn key and press F2. That should take a screenshot.

Also to go into cinema mode, press F1 while holding the fn key.

Here is one of my best Minecraft builds (check pictures below)

If you want to post pictures below, I recommend this

This was built in WesleyCraft! Server IP:
If you join, make sure you tell them I sent you so you can be verified!

I am currently working on the Apple logo on the back. :thumbsup:

Built on my server :smiley: It turned out great dude. Great work!

Thanks Wes! And to everyone reading this, join that server, it’s amazing!

You can become a builder by posting on LMFAO_Mental’s post, or this one!!

I think my door on the last server was pretty epic! I got better plans for this new one though!

I can’t wait to see! Sorry about your door dude :anguished: I wanted to save our files so bad… but now we can restart and build bigger and better!

House from Up.

Iron man:

you finally finished it? Nice :smiley:

The iPhone looks pretty nice! :smiley:

Whats that in the background… :laughing:

my house is in the bottom left :smile:

BOOBIES :smiley:

One of my best. Made on Trollcraft

my fail of trying to make snorlax lol

Ah i remember this right before i was jailed for taking stuff out of a chest. good times I’m still real pissed off.

well you did take stuff when you shouldn’t have. i would’ve unbanned you but cod muted you. if you still want ill unban you.