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Post Your Setup!


Just my 48" TV And my Retail Xbox 360 Pro


60’ Plasma screen surround sound with a refrigerator


4 Xbox’s: E79 Xenon JTAG, broken flashed 360, random RRoD Xbox + working retail HDMI Xbox (Zephyr mobo I think)


I love mine :smiley:


My new Setup.


I’ll return to this in the morning.


New setup. Looking to get a second monitor now. Then Probs a TV.


San Andreas poster? Respect increased by 100.


That is actually a poster of Lola, from GTA IV.


I’m sad now.


I actually lost that poster. Came with my SA when I bought it for PC.


My superior setup:

It’s not even finished, I got the desk last week. :3


I want your desk.


$350+ at IKEA. You can customize it however you want. I can actually make it longer on both sides. O_O

Here’s a link to it: GALANT Corner desk-left - birch veneer, T-leg - IKEA


20inch TV
HP Pavillion p7-1026b (upgraded with *****in 460 and psu)


I hate my desk, it’s small and can’t hold what I want.


I see lotion :smile:

I see toilet paper :smile:


It’s for my dry hands. Jerk. I use the glue to jerk it.


3 Computers? **** yes.


Yea boii you know I impress!!

I got a fan upgrade for my other one, pretty sick if you ask me;

Don’t forget the sexbox baby, I taped a live card to it so you know I’m PACKIN