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Post Your Setup!


LOL, Toilet paper is for my allergies. Which will hit me soon :anguished:


TV And my Retail Xbox 360 Pro


I know the quality sucks, I can’t find my good camera at the moment, if I find it, I’ll update the post.



55" tv forgot brand
1 Xbox
Games organized beside Xbox360
Laptop- hp
Thats about it for me.


New Dual 24" 1920x1080 Monitors!




Rocking the original white Microsoft keyboard!
Xbox on the left and my PC on the right.


is that a jar of weed?


48’ HDTV
Xbox 360
Turtle Beach
Custom Built Gaming Computer, 2 moniters


i got nothing only a 1890 pc


Here we go :

i am getting a new computer (desktop) here soon :smiley:

Edit new monitors < 3


^ i love everything u got there my friend holy cow .


Even my Ice tea? :smiley:

that **** was amazing lol

thanks man.


connected to xbl with 24mb/s internet



Retail Xbox 360 Pro


Xbox 360 (Jasper) Not Jtaged
42 Inch TV
RROD Xbox Xenon (Not Jtag)


Home mac: 30"
dell insperon: 24"
magic muse
mac keyboard
logitech mouse
logitech keyboard
brother printer
and other items:
xbox 250 gb slim
and other accesorries
soon to be added


here is mine um as u can see i have a xbox of coarse with the gears of war vault looks epic at night lol um i have i think about 109 game last time i counted lol i should count them again tho lol my blue ray player there on three boxes lol then i made a little shelf lol my turtle beach x41 lol and my 32 inch tv i think i cant remember lol this will soon change in 12 months lol