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Recently got a new desk which is pretty good, plenty of space and everything. Still need to out some stuff on them but you get the idea.

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Well, I do enjoy showing off the money I make at work… I think I’d better post here.

Here is a picture.

Here is a list of all the random components that are involved.

Candy inside

[details= Old Desktop]Core 2 Duo E8400 Wolfdale
HD 4670
Gigabyte mobo
Antec 300 Illusion
8GB G.SKILL Ripjawz
1TB WD caviar black[/details]

[details= New Desktop]i7 2600K
GTX 680
Asus P8Z68Pro-V mobo
Thermaltake Overseer RXI
12GB G.SKILL Sniper @ 1866
256GB Crucial M4
120GB OCZ Agility 3
750GB Seagate Barracuda
Soon to be custom watercooling loop with GPU and CPU cooling.[/details]
Black Magic Intensity Pro
1 Acer 20" monitor
2 Asus 22" Monitors
4.1 surround computer speaker system
Sony MDR-V6’s
Custom Xbox controller with installed rapid fire chip
1 Flashed Xbox
1 RGH Xbox
50" Panasonic plasma TV with Bose surround sound system
1 old laptop
1 bright yellow netbook

and yeah… That’s about it.


I tell you what man, with all that money, I would have thought you’da bought a suit or two by now.


If you make that much money working at dairy queen i’m going to kill my self.


Why in the world would you need 32GBs of RAM?


I use to have all those systems. I sold my Gamecube, N64, and PS2.


Why does every photo include deoderant on the ****ing table? You sweat so much while gaming that you need to keep it handy? Keep that **** in the bathroom dawg girls think smell funny when they get in your room and see that


Wut :expressionless:

Not every picture has deodorant on their desk, i have seen maybe 1 or 2.




Techni Mobil desk
M11X Alienware R3
Dual monitors (Viewsonic, Toshiba)
Cyber Acoustic sound system (2 speakers, sub, and controller)
blueray player/burner
My Passport 1TB external HDD
Xbox 360 wireless controller adapter
Xornet CM Storm gaming mouse
Multimedia gaming keybard
iPhone dock station
iPhone 4S
iPod Touch 3G

PC Specs:
Intel I7 3.10 Ghz
500GB SSD (Mostly used for OS and important programs)
Nvidia GT335 1GB
4GB Ram

Any questions or comments please leave below:


[details=Open Me]



Just finished mounting and wiring my new TV setup. I still need to install the shelving in the closet on the right to house all the equipment. Everything will be controlled by a IR repeater.



Need a new desk.


New setup


Xbox 360
Flashed Xbox
PS3 Slim
PS3 Super Slim
Original Xbox
1500 Xbox Games
300 PS3 Games
$3000 Computer



First time I’ve ever taken a pic of my setup. A bit cluttered, I need to fix that.


Cluttered? U gey?

A man-cave must have everything at arms reach from the chair. It is the golden rule. Clutter that sh*t up!


hahaha no XD

my mom cleans my room :L