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Post Your Setup!


Xbox 360 Pro 2009 Falcon I believe
32" Vizio smart HDTV to Xbox w/ HDMI gold tip
Elgato Screen cap HD
Turtle Beach X11
I took off the plastic on a Component xbox wiring to let both HDMI and Component fit on xbox. Red white Piggyback the component to let me use X11’s while I play in HD.
I enjoy the setup, and I may keep it longer.


Newish setup.



And yes, I do live in a basement.


Is your basement below grade(under ground)? If so those walls must get cold!


Canadians know how to insulate their walls. :wink:


Here’s my setup.

I have a 24" LED PC monitor where my Xbox and Gaming PC are hooked up to. My PC is in my PC stand and my Halo 4 Slim is on top of the stand by the monitor. Then there is a little overhang above where the PC is and that’s where my collectables/Astro A50s are. Then directly beside my computer stand is my TV stand where my 55" TV is and also my other Xbox slim is and directly across from that is my standard TV where the PS3 and Wii is hooked up and soon to be Wii U. I might put it with my 55" though. I also have all my games in a drawer in my PC stand. I’m planning on getting a second monitor so I can game and browse the web at the same time.


You usually can’t insulate bricks very well :stuck_out_tongue: Unless that paint is some magical paint :stuck_out_tongue:


Call of Duty and XboxMB on my screens.


I moved into my living room while i finish finishing, painting and getting new carpet in my room.



A small update since my last post here.

I finally finished the shelf in the closet for all my AV equipment (Xbox, Surround Sound, HTPC, Cable Box). Everything is controlled through a IR repeater.


100 inch screen in my theatre
1 xbox

$500 pc (can max out most games)

that’s about it


42 inch TV
MW3 Xbox 360
$800 PC ( will post specs later )
And some random **** in my room.
Pictures ; [details=Open Me]



what TV is thats one i want that TV or is a projector???


Soon to all be connected to xbl with 24mb/s internet


Ghetto desk.


(2)MSI R7950 Twin Frozr 3GD5/OC Radeon HD 7950 3GB
AMD FX-8320 Eight Core processor
Sabretooth 990FX R2 Motherboard.
Coolermaster Case, 5 Fans Red LEDS, With fan display


Ghetto desk.


Built my desk yesterday. It’s getting there. :thumbsup: :laughing:


Recently complained about my setup and decided to start putting money in stuff for me. Got a new tv stand/


Dat basement and mountain dew stash tho…