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Post Your Setup!


Ill take a pic after I get done setting everything up

250 Xbox S
3 asus vh238h monitors
32" vizio tv
custom built desktop
Sony vaio laptop
Flashed phat

Now the last 3 things I’m getting is
Gear of war 3 xbox
Mw3 xbox
Dev kit or jtag. Not sure yet.


Both custom xbox’s lool thats going to look awesome


I couldn’t decided which one so I’m getting both.


i suppose thats a fair point lol id love to get both but im already wasting £300 on gears lol reminds me of reach i got the legendary edition only because they said it was the last halo :thumbsup:


46 - Inch HDTV
Xbox 360


Here’s a picture of my setup.

Open Me

22" Monitor running my 4th, 4 year old Xbox that’s RRoD’d on me 4 times, fixed because of Microsoft.
Netbook behind the said monitor.

I also have a PS3 slim, 120GB but I don’t have a TV to run it on and I don’t know how to run it on a monitor… if you want to help me out with that, PM / post a visitor message.

Netbook’s Specs: (You jelly, I know.)

Open Me


32" Emerson flat screen
Xbox 360 elite (120GB)
PS2 (Oh, yeah baby) used for the Resident Evil series mainly
A nice surround sound
An old E Machines PC until I get mine from Newegg with a 19" monitor


Soon to all be connected to xbl with 24mb/s internet


Just cleaned, sold my other monitor for now.


DJ HERO = Awsome :smiley:


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Located every important thing in his room.



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Hotswappable的Xbox(RROD RIP)


Newer post with the pictures.


These are very nice and i do not have a computer with me so, i have no reason to post what i have.


My Set-up

MacBook Pro 2011.
XBOX 360 White.
24" Samsung SyncMaster B2430HD LCD Monitor
27" Grundig HD TV
White Apple Keyboard
Hackintosh Computer
Astro A40 Audio System - White MLG Edition
Dr. Dre Beats: Solo (Black)
Scuf FPS Gaming Controller (trigger stops and panels on the back).

Not bad :smile:


ha your bong is next to ur halo legendary statue


My Setup:My Gaming Setup as of 3/15/11 - YouTube