Post Your Spartan! [Halo 4]

You can access your Spartan on the Halo Waypoint website. The Spartan will have your current pose and armor. Here is mine!

lol, havnt played any campaign or MP yet

How do you change your Spartans position?

you have to buy/change stance in-game i think

How do I post it?

My Spartan>>>

My spartan wont show. I have the fotus armor on everything except the arms

You beat it on legendary already o_O
I’m workin on it.

Yeah, wasn’t too hard. :stuck_out_tongue:

Doesn’t look like it, how many people did you have?

I did it on my own. xD

He used the gamesave editor that shall not be named…

Nope? I did it legitly just like every other game.

360 Revolution.

Eh mine looks exactly like him :thumbsup:

The campaign isn’t that hard to tackle alone on Legendary. I did it Legitimately in 5 hours.