Post Your Tumblr

I’d like to see some new Tumblr’s. So post your Tumblr below if you have one.

Click my Sig or WONG.

Followed. :wink:

Nice Tumblr.

edit nvm
nice tumblrs … although i dont know how u got the song wongo

I could teach you. Its REALLY simple.



I joined yesterday to check out how it’s design work ect extremely easy and simple. :stuck_out_tongue:

Currently creating the design. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sweet! Can’t wait till you’re done with the design. I love your Graphics!

Funny thing is that I was going to ask you if you could make me a tumblr theme.

just started it lol

dont know what to do O.O

Now all you got to do is get followers and post Dope Sh*t.


How did you get 80k followers on twitter!! <3 I need to make a tumblr

Tweet Dope Sh*t.

[insert witty title]

hipster theme.

i namely blog post about random stuff (lately pokemon! VGCs are in like 2 weeks, zetta excited)

There’s been like three of these threads, lol:

you get *****ed at here if you bump old threads, so shush.

the doom illusion
I post what ever
@castro , I dont see a follow button :anguished:

Check now. :smiley:

Just enabled my Follow button!

followed :smile:
finally get a mix between black metal and that stuff and everything else
which is awesome :smiley: