Post your xbox controller!

I couldn’t find a thread for this so I thought I’d start one.
Who has the best controller?

Reach controller <3

Nothing special, just a controller.

haha i gots lots :smiley:

but i’m not gonna waste time with taking another pic :laughing:

Very rare green LEDS, white body, colored buttons

Beast controllers <3

I just have a normal wireless controller. :confused:

Boring, right?

Right now i have the newest black wireless one and a old wired one. BUT i will be getting the Razer Onza when it comes out (should be in about 2 weeks)

Yep, pretty bland.
Jelly of this

& that’s rare how?

I just have the standard Xbox 360 S 250GB controller with a silicon jacket over it.

Halo 3 controller.
Halo ODST controller
Black Rapid Fire controller with orange and green LED’s
Chrome controller
White controller


Wired FTW?

Can’t find an Xbox controller to snap a pic of, but here’s my PS3 controller. Pretty legit.

Normal, Chrome D-Pad Rotater.

Na that’s Cheater’s controller. He can just sit there and stare at it and it will move on its own.

But i have a regular controller with FPS freeks on it.

So your saying your controller is fake ?

This thread makes me jealous

i hazz controlor, Black Opzz… XD ‘3’

i will have to take a pic of mine its black and white it has a elite black top and battery pack standered white bottom rapid fire mod and the R-AS is a PS3 stick