Prablom horizonmb for Far Cry 4 xbox 360


XP = 0
KP = 0

Try modding the XP and KP values a little lower then see if it still says /0.

still says /0

10000 / 0

200 /0

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Probably some sort of patch… Do you have the un-modded version of the save? if so, make another copy of it, edit the copy’s money just a little bit (like 20). And then check if you still get the /o error.

Do you have the un-modded version of the save ?


Try modding your save again but this time stay offline when moving your save back, and once you’re in the game connect back to Xbox Live.

Not Work

Can you please upload your save to or so a developer can take a look at it?

Glad to see you got it to work. I will let the Devs know about this issue.

Have a great day!