Pre-order Destiny on Xbox One, get launch-day delivery, $10 gift card

[/img]Those interested in a boxed Xbox One copy of Destiny can snag a few extra perks by pre-ordering this week through the Microsoft Store. Pre-order before September 5 at 5PM ET to lock down launch-day delivery, and all Microsoft pre-orders come with a $10 gift card in digital code form.

Those who opt for a digital Xbox One version of Destiny are able to download the game’s data before its release on September 9. This won’t unlock the game early, but you’ll be ready to roll when everything goes live on launch day.


That extra $10 isn’t worth giving up my Limited Edition pre-order, or my already free release date delivery. Anyone else who hasn’t snagged this game should get on this though

Just thought about that, I searched the earth for LE edition, let alone the ghost. Not gonna drop my LE edition :stuck_out_tongue: