Prestige Glitch 'Dummy' Accounts [Donate Accounts]

Prestige ‘Dummy’ Accounts
I think this would be easier for us to help each other out with the new prestige glitch that has surfaced.Instead of having multiple requests threads and such if you have a high level prestige account you’re willing to share please post here. Then users can PM you and go from there.

For details on how to perform the prestige glitch, read the thread below.

If you have a high level account, please obtain a 48-hour trial and make a new account. Prestige glitch that account and lend people the dummy account for use.

This thread is for people to help each other out, if you don’t have an account to lend out don’t post.

This thread is for people to help each other out, if you don’t have an account to lend out don’t post.

This thread is for people to help each other out, if you don’t have an account to lend out don’t post.


-Members with accounts to share-

AIM: i360Horizon


Contributors please include details about the account.


People who use the accounts please thank the person sharing them for their time.


This would help clear some Threads hopefully! and Im looking for a account thats at least 8th or higher, But I don’t get how to do it, So they would have to do it lol.

Thanks for this thread cody! If anyone has a dummy account can I use it?

once someone gets me to 10th, i will gladly help other members.

This thread is a great way to help other members! But I won’t be using it as I will most likely just get deranked once again!

Details added on how you can help in the thread.
C’mon guys, this glitch will only get easier to do as more people do it. Simply make a silver account (with a 48-hour trial) if you already have a high level prestige account.

I am 10th prestige, level 8. If there is a member that knows I can trust you, make a dummy account and send me a PM. I will provide you with a 10th account and a 14-day Gold trial for you to help out other members with. I do not have the time to manage it.

EDIT: No longer needed

What’s the odds of the main account being banned/reset if we do this?

I have a 10th level 14 on a dummy account, but it’s silver. I would need two 48 hours to do the glitch… and I wouldn’t be able to do it now, in an hour or so when my friend gets off and we’re done Guardians of Middle Earth. O_o

dayum and i thought they just patched the game … anyways good luck guys.

I sent you a PM about the account.
Please let me know as soon as possible, got school in the morning.

I can provide a silver account with 48hrs trial that’s about it.

If you guys would like, PM me any account information, trials, etc. I will then distribute them to members that need them and will use them for this purpose.

Nobody else PM me. I will be giving Cardiac my Gold trial so he can help you guys out. I have too much school work.

If anyone has a dummy account I have a 2 day trial I can use for it.

I PM you with the info

someone who is high level who can help me?

well we might as well start a list in order of people the accounts will go down by…

  1. Prodigy Knifer (will add 2 additional dummy accounts)

what prestige are you mate?

Once you have the dummy accounts ready to share please PM me so I can add you to the list!

If a supply of a 1 month is needed let me know all though I had a terrible tut I will give back to this some what good community.