Prestige Lobby Black Ops 2 LEGIT!

snipped by request

There’s no way this would work. I doubt it at least. Someone confirm or deny it.


It’s very legit

its not fake thank you.

Legit. Just got 10th level 1.

If this is legit, don’t start crying when you all get banned.

thats why i said dont abuse it.

They can’t really ban someone who didn’t do anything. If they got invited and then they start the film there rank goes up. They don’t know what the film does.

If you mod/glitch/tamper etc. There is always a result in Ban/Suspension.

The ones who do it and then cry afterwards are just idiots.

please once you do it, post legit or not so mods dont close this.

Yes, believe it or not if your of a high rank, but your combat record do not match, or isn’t near that ranking level… they will consider it a boost, Thus suspend you.

We know it’s legit obviously if multiple active members say so :laughing: for me, I’m just going to do this to max prestige and stay offline for a week. Probably going to get banned :laughing:

So that’s I see 10th prestige people with like 1 day play time and 400 kills…

So are you saying my account will be suspended from the game or I will be console banned?

I did one prestige, gracias


They can’t console ban you. Only Microsoft can console ban you. Just do it on a spare account or if your account is new do it on that. I’m doing it on my main account since it isn’t old

Oh, and this film is 100% legit.

This is basically what you do.

Well I will do this on my other account tomorrow
Thank you for this!

I see this getting patched soon so I would do it fast, when this was in BO1 it was patched within the week. Treyarc is good at that stuff.