Printable list of cheat keys

Some of the cheats for certain games are so large they will not fit on one screen without scrolling down, thus when in the game mode you cannot refer back to them to turn some off or on. If you could provide a printable list of the cheat activation keys For games like Mass Effect Andromeda it would make it much simpler to use them.


As a Pro user, you have two alternative methods of cheat activation, which both avoid you having to stop playing the game to see the cheat options and keys.

In today’s day and age where we are being told to cut down our domestic waste and carbon footprints, including not printing things unnecessarily by using the cloud to store our information, a printable page probably won’t be met with positive feedback by a majority of people. But if you really feel you need this, you can write the cheats down in a word document and print that.

you can also take a screen clip with clipping tool and print that