Pro Benefits

The WeMod Pro Benefits Isn’t having that many benefits, So I suggested
that they should add a new benefit that makes pro subscribers can access special cheat(s) which only be visible to the pro subscribers.

I hope It’s a good idea to add that kind of stuff, Thank you.

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I’m not sure i agree with this. As it is, the trainers are free for all. I pay for the pro service because it’s my way of saying thank you to the Wemod team for their hard work.

Sure, it’d be nice to have more benefits, but to lock the trainers behind a paywall? Nah.



I definitely don’t think it’s a good idea to lock cheats behind paywalls, especially since the WeMod developers are intended on making all cheats free for everyone.

This would go against what WeMod was created for in the first place, supplying free cheats for everyone, and providing extra benefits to Pro users for those who wish to support the developers


The main benefit of going Pro is that WeMod, the largest and safest provider of trainers on the entire internet, continues to exist because it can afford to update and maintain everything. :slight_smile:

The fact that most trainer providers lock cheats behind paywalls is actually one of the main reasons WeMod is so hugely popular, because people often decide to leave those greedy platforms, which also have way less trainers than we do by the way, and use WeMod instead.

The benefits of Pro are:

  • Access to the WeMod Remote for easier and better control of cheats without leaving the game.
  • Access to the WeMod Overlay for easier and better control of cheats while in the game itself.
  • Access to Pro-only channels in the Discord server, which includes Pro-Only game giveaways and a pet lounge.
  • Access to the ability to activate cheats by mouse clicking, which is a godsend when trainers have drop-down boxes to scroll through to pick options.
  • Priority support when you get in touch with WeMod via any of the support options.
  • A snazzy badge and colourful name in the community.
  • A general feeling of warm fuzziness for supporting the development and maintenance of WeMod - which is not cheap by a long shot.

At the current price of Pro, one subscription is barely enough to buy a developer a decent cup of coffee each day.