Pro Gamer Manager

Add money
Reset energy
Reset rage
Add EP
Add skill points
Add Fans
Always win

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If you can use Cheat Engine you can do these super easily. I wish I saved the address list from last night because I had it.

Yeah I figured that out like an hour after this post xD

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@Garribean So no trainer needed?

Personally, No. But if it isn’t too much time I think it would be a good game to have on infinity, but I wouldn’t put priority on it.

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can you tell how to add skill points on cheat engine?

This thread is 2 years old please don’t bump old threads.
I will answer you question though.

Search for your skill points in Cheat engine. Change the amount in the game. Search for the new value in CE and when you have only a few left just change the value to whatever you want.

@Chris @STN closeru please