Problem Locating files

Im trying to download custom minecraft maps and everything for my xbox is on my usb because my xbox is only 4 gigs and my flash drive is 64 gigs… so every file is there but in horison ill click on the map then ill go to click on the file but the only files on there are game0000-game0033 and i dont know what to do…why arent any of my files there when i plug my usb to pc?

I sort of understand what you’re saying but I’m also a bit confused. Are you looking at your files in Horizon’s device explorer?

If you’re simply trying to add a downloaded Minecraft map to your flash drive there’s a few ways you can go about doing it.

Method #1: Inject the map to your device by having a favorite profile saved in Horizon. This method will automatically resign it to your profile and save it to your device. With your profile opened in Horizon click on the Manage option near the bottom and choose your profile. Now when you inject the map it should show up on your 360 when you’re signed into your profile.

Method # 2: Manually change the profile ID on the download map to the same as yours, then Save, Rehash & Resign it, and then save it to your device(flash drive). To do it this way simply open one of your own saves or profile in Horizon, then drag the Minecraft map into Horizon. Now copy your profile ID from your save or profile and paste it to the profile ID of the downloaded map. Check to make sure it’s the same and use the Save, Rehash & Resign option, then save to your device.