Problem with inject god games to my hdd 320gb xbox360 jtag

hi guys i have problem with my xbox360 jtag and i cant inject the games with horizone and give me a error in have picture of that error

thies is the error when i want inject any game i have 50 god games i convert with iso2god and say error please help me when i want copy a game to my flash driver 32gb with horizone not problem but when i copy a game to my hdd320 gb say error i thing it’s my hdd have problem i format many time with my xbox360 with my pc but not work ?i thing it’s fat32 ?

and thies pictures i copy gta v on my flash drive 32gb with horizone and play and copy no problem but when i want to copy a game from my flash to my hdd say error but when i copy a file 2gb or 3 gb no error and copy whell but i want copy a 7gb part gta v from my flash to hdd say error


any program can fix my hdd ?!! please

thies is the my dashboard version:2.0.16747.0

sorry about my english it’s horibal

anyone please help

I don’t think Horizon supports transferring files in that way? I may be wrong.

It’s a lot easier to just FTP games and large files over via FlashFXP.

Or just copy them from USB? Lmao.

tnx but i install many game with horizone but a while i can’t when i was copy a game with ftp game copy on hdd but don’t show up in dashboard or crupted :cry:

Your flash drive has read errors, you can either reformat it and start over or run chkdsk on it and attempt to fix it

tnx but i have flash 3 gb and work fine and good like tank but my hhd drive 320gb have problem and when i hdd drive connect to pc it’s didn’t show drive just in disk manegment show and i cant to defragment or chkdsk to fix ?! :confused: