Problem with replacing Minecraft savegame.dat files

Anytime I replace a Minecraft Xbox 360 savegame.dat file, with any world, on the latest version, my game never loads whenever I start up the world. Anything I can do?

You could try resigning the MC world .bin package, that you can drag into Horizon, to your profile by changing the profile ID to your own. It works for us every time. Simply drag it in, change the profile ID to your own, Save, Rehash & Resign, and it should load properly after moving it back to your 360’s hard drive or trying to load directly from your USB device.

The profile ID is my own, as it is my own world. I modded the savegame.dat file and then replaced it. I contacted the Mod Tool creator and he claims that it is a bug with Horizon. The program is called MC360 NBT Edit, and was created by oPryzeLP.