Problem with trainer,game quitted unexpectedly

Hi my name is Patton and I might have a problem.The thing is that when I use infinity trainer both tried on remote and on the keyboard for a while,the game just quitted unexpectedly with the message that asks me if "Did everything work fine?"And I have to launch game again.It’s not a minimize to tray or anything like that but it just quit.There’s no game icon on the task bar.Can you check about this problem for me and if possible can you tell me how to fix this problem?Is it a bug?


Which game is it?

Grand theft auto 5.GTA 5.

Does this happen with every game or is this persists only with GTA 5.

Have you tried with your AV off? Infinity may be causing a false postive.

How do I turn AV off?

I would not turn off your AntiVirus. Have you tried added it to an exception in your AntiVirus?

Let me try.

My computer is not protected and I’ve already add infinity program to firewall exceptions but it still doesn’t work.Any help would be appreciated.

You’re not using it online right? Also are you using any mods?

I’m not using it online?You mean do I use the trainer connecting to Internet using the account on infinity?The answer is Yes I do use the trainer online and I’m not using any mods.Or if you mean is the game bought and used on Steam?The answer is no.I downloaded pirately from a website.

He are talking about is GTA Online

I hope you aren’t trying to use it in GTA Online. We also don’t support pirated version of the game. Make sure it is on the newest update.

There is no issues with infinity. Each game is different and for this game, you need the latest version of game. What is your game version?

Also, not sure i understand you correctly…does the trainer work but game crashes after a while? or it just doesn’t work at all. If its the former, figure out which cheat is causing the issue, the game might have issues with a cheat at that point (scripted etc).

Yes you understand me correctly.The game crashes after a while.Maybe I’ll choose some cheats like,infinite ammo.Maybe just that and I’ll see about that.I’m not using the cheat with GTA online.

Well might be because it’s not the newest version then.
Check your game version and if there’s an update available get it

Hey, Infinity have amazing cheats but for GTA 5 there a trainer called Simple Nativ Trainer. There are alot of option. Like God mode, car godmode, super jump…

Thanks I’ve already had this problem fixed.I upgraded from windows 8.1 to windows 10 pro and it worked like a charm.