Problem with Tritton AX 120 Headset


I have a problem with my Tritton AX 120 Stereo Gaming Headset i have it for about 2 months and two days ago i play black ops with my friends and i recognize that they canot hear and instead of my voice they hear some noises every time that i speak. I check connection, cables and try again and its they same. i try to cennected to my pc and its the same. i can hear voices and games sound but if i speak people hear noises.

Do you think that problem is with the microphone? where can i buy a new one in england? there is one on ebay but its for AX 180 is it going to work with AX 120?

send it directly back to tritton and they’ll replace it

I had a similar problem with my Turtle Beaches. For some reason when i connected my mic to one of my controllers, people in my party couldn’t hear me but i could hear them. I connected it to another controller and everything was working fine. Not saying this will solve ur prob cos uve tried it on your pc, but it could be the cable or the mic it’s self like you suggested.

Do what smiffy suggested! They will have to replace it as it will still be under 1 year manufacture warranty.

Call up Tritton Technologies
Their **** breaks all the time so basicly anything you need replaced will be for free

my trittons have lasted me like 4 months now

Mine lasted for a day when i got them
Next day i couldn’t hear anyone and finally fixed it after messing with it forever
Next day my mic broke.
Sent that **** back

the problem was you actually got trittons should of got astros

the mics on the trittons aren’t the best,i just bought a 3.5mm laptop mic off ebay for 3 quid and it works a treat,much better and smaller than the standard mic just needed the rubber shaving down around the 3.5mm jack to fit
Gembird Mini Compact Laptop Notebook Microphone on eBay (end time 04-May-11 00:29:21 BST)

this isnt gonna help- but i dont get why you wouldnt have gotten turtlebeaches or astros, both are so much more reliable i had a pair of x11s for a year and they only broke because i smashed them,had x31 for 3 months now and got no problems

If it isn’t going to help. Why post?