Problem with wemod

Hello everyone i have a problem with wemod, what happens to me is that when o try yo open it li screen freezes and it never loads, rhe wemod helpers recommended me a couple of things, but the did not work, someone knows how i can solve it?

Hello there. :slight_smile:

Programs getting stuck in the background is a common Windows issue. It happens for me every now and again with Discord’s desktop software.

  1. Launch Task Manager.
    If you haven’t already, click “More Details” on the bottom left (Windows 10).

  2. Look for all WeMod processes, including any that might be stuck under the “Background Processes” header.

  3. Right-click all of WeMod’s processes one at a time and select “End Task”.

  4. When they are all gone, launch WeMod again.

If you have Windows 7, make sure your .NET Framework is up to date. Windows 7 no longer gets critical updates, such as to .NET Framework.

You can update .NET Framework by downloading it from Microsoft’s official .NET website: