Problems with Skyrim mod corrupting after I try playing it on 360

I wanted to mod Skyrim for my 360, so I found a thread with a collection of Skyrim mods, ported for the 360 → Skyrim PC Mod Conversions for JTAG RGH Xbox 360 - Games - RealModScene

So I downloaded Horizon, put my profile on a usb, and added the mod to my profile. But when I put the usb in the console, the mod was corrupted.

How do I fix this?

Are you using a JTAG or RGH console?

i am not

do i need one?

Yeah you do unfortunately for these mods.

how would i go about doing that

and would i still be able to purchase games and dlc digitally using the store after i hack it?

You can buy the parts to do it yourself or find a seller of the consoles. Also you cannot connect to Xbox LIVE with them consoles so you won’t have access to the store. But there are places you can download DLC from if you know where to look.

damn that sucks. microsoft should allow you to mod singleplayer games.

is jailbreaking my console the only solution?

Yes unfortunately

Another option is to see if your PC can run Skyrim. If it can than you can get all those mods and more.

Or what I used to do when I was still way into Xbox 360 was I had a stock 360 for online multiplayer and an RGH for stuff like you’re wanting to do with Skyrim. Jtag/RGH consoles were pricey, but prices have came down a lot if you wanted to buy one all set up and ready to go.

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yeah, I found a couple jailbroken consoles on eBay for 99.99, but my dilemma is I already bought all the dlc on my normal console. Is it possible to transfer dlc onto the new jailbroken console?

yeah you can use the hard drive from your normal console on the modded one and everything will work. Or you can just copy it all to a usb and plug n play

how do I use the hard drive from my normal console? do I need to open the shell? will using the hard drive on the modded console break the console?

How do I copy it to a usb too.

depending what console you have, just take the hard drive off the top and slot onto the new one. LIkewise if you have and get a newer style 360, just take the hard drive out of the drive bay and slot into the other console.

Plug a USB into the console, go into settings/storage and under Skyrim youll have all the dlc listed, just copy that over to the usb and then plug that into the usb slot on the modded console.

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damn actually thanks