Profile Cache

During my use of horizon ive used a variety of profiles and they have all saved to the “profile cache”. Unfortunately i accidentally deleted a profile from my usb so i wanted to go to the profile cache and insert that specific profile back in but I can’t seem to be able to find a way to do that. If you could help with this issue it would be greatly appreciated.

It doesn’t store your full profile. It just remembers the gamer tag and profile ID so you can easily rehash/resign to it without having to keep it on your USB drive.

^ to add to this I believe it is possible to recover your profile provided that you remember the profile ID, console ID, and device ID associated with it.

I can’t imagine something like that ever working. Profiles are more than three line text documents.

You can redownload xbox live connected profiles though.

True. I’ve been out of the modding scene for a while now but I distinctly remember hearing about a method to retrieve deleted/corrupted profiles provided that you had the IDs associated with them