Profile crown hack

when i first found out you could hack years on xbox i hacked it to ten years but i didnt wanna be banned so i hacked it back to 1 and its been over a year and it hasn’t changed. Anyway to fix it?

I don’t think so. You should have never fooled with your tenure in the first place.

lol hacked

When I first joined HMB I modded my crown too, put it back, and nothing has happened to me. You’ll probably be fine.

I have an old account I modded the crown to 10. Surprisingly haven’t been banned yet.

recovering your account resets it to it’s default I believe.

i done this recentlyto my account to try getting an answer for myself with all the inconsistant info floating around on the internet, i had 3 years and i changed it to 4 then synced my profile to xbl (by editing my avatar on the dashboard and saving) then i deleted my profile and recovered it to find my tenue had infact reverted to 3 but when my profile is viewed from another profile it still says 4 years so it kinda works :confused:

Yeah it wont really matter just dont do anything stupid to get them to check out your account (I called them to help me and i forgot i had messed with my account and got banned)

I remember I had an account that was 10th prestige on Black Ops 1. I modded the tenure to just 6 years and they banned the profile. Damn it…