Profile Crown Problem

On my screen, when I look at my gamercard, it shows I have played 10 years.
Edit: I also have the Xbox NXE Launch background

When I tell my friends I have 10 years played and to check my gamercard,
they say “It says 2 years, and no NXE background, gtfo n00bsauce.”


Is there any way to make my 10 years played visible to my friends?

Let is sync, it can take time.

I’ve had it like this for 3 days though

just re mod it

Mod it to 10 year, then go to your Xbox, and sign in. Then go to edit your avatar, and just save and exit. Then it might sync. Also the NXE Background doesn’t work, it got removed from Xbox LIVE.

doing that now

Gamertag: ‘The Man’ still has it

Look next to his name on

The Man -

He’s part of the Launch Team

Xbox hasn’t even been out 10 years, so stop trying to act like your cool :stuck_out_tongue:

On my old account I had 6 years and it always went back to 4 anyway. I never tried the signing into though.

haha. 10 doesn’t show up because it hasn’t been out for 10 years. It s only been like 7.

10 does show up, I am pretty sure I have seen it on some accounts. But the NXE doesn’t.

It will show up on your but it wont for other people.

I wish we knew how to do this, we knew before Kinect Update but I guess we gave up. This was a pretty cool thing. Wish Cheater or who ever on the Dev team did it would do it again.

yea it will show up for other people ive seen it before on a random persons profile.

I don’t know. If it did then they probably got banned pretty quick.

probally cause i remember he randomly said stfu samari and i didnt even have m mic on talk it was muted :laughing:

Maybe if you did it before Kinect it would flow over.

You have to let it sync and you can’t have 10 years, xbox live was launched in 2005.

Thats not true at all, make sure you know what you’re saying before you post.

10 does show up, the only reason it’s capped at ten is because thats the maximum interger allowed in your profile or something like that, also NXE Launch Team will NOT.
Take off the Launch Team and put back on 10.

Then go to your avatar and save it, then it should sync.
Use Horizon’s, sometimes Oscars doesn’t work right.

Well Mine doesn’t work with 10. Only up to 7. Live wasn’t even out that long and it doesn’t make since that it would work.

NXE Is Patched.