Profile x360 rgh to xbox live

Hi all,

I was searching a lot about this but I don’t find quite QUITE the answer I need.

I have an not banned-X360 RGH console and I am thinking to upgrade to XBO.
My profile that shows online in Windows10 that I have unlocked 6k achievements (all of them prior to the RGH installation, obviously), while I have achieved up to 20k since the last internet connection of the console.

Well… I want those missing achievements to be reflected online and have the same profile in the Xbox one (or windows, at worse).

Can I just copy my profile to USB drive and go to Xbox live from a friend’s retail x360? Will my profile get banned? And the console of my friend? if yes, temporary or permanently?

As additional information, yes, I have executed games from freestyle dashboard but never anything weird like emulators. Just x360 games (and halo 2 from original xbox)

I don’t want to learn this the hard way.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Yes you can do that. There should be no risk of being banned for it.

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Thanks a lot for your response!

I am trying to do get this done. However, my profile from USB drive seems to be corrupt ONLY in the retail Xbox. I can access it normally from my RGH console.

Interestingly, I have copied as well a “guest” dummy profile to USB drive and this one looks fine. It has a couple of achievements just to make a more realistic test.

Can I kindly ask for an answer in this thread? Why is this? Can I fix it?

Thanks so much in advance.