Programming Resources

I’m making this thread for people who quickly need to navigate through the programming section to find tutorials. This is also for other stuff.

Everything will be ordered from Language.

Table of Contents

  • HorizonMB

      - [Tutorials](#xtuts)
      - [Applications & Misc](#xapps)
  • Other

      - [Tutorials](#otuts)
      - [IDEs](#oide)

Here you can find all tutorials and applications posted on XboxMB.

Most of the tutorials are old, so please do not bump them.

  • C / C++

     - (Experiment5X)
     - (Experiment5X)
     - (Stickle)
     - (Experiment5X)
  • Batch

     - [-intro-batch.html']Intro to Batch]('[-bat) (coolbunny1234)
  • PHP

     - (Dean)
     - (Cheater912)
     - (Dave)
  • .NET ( & C#)

     - [-multilanguage-applications.html']Multilanguage Applications]('[-net-%7C-tut) (sgt frankieboy)
     - (CLK)

      - [Shaking Form]( (skate101)
      - (Mets08123)
      - (Mets08123)
      - (Mets08123)
      - (RDCA)
      - (Zwag)
      - (s0mewhiteguy7)
  • C#

      - [The Ternary Operator]( (Cheater912)
      - (Hetelek)
      - (Hetelek)
      - (sgt frankieboy)
      - (Infinity Ward)
      - (Abis24)
  • Assembly Languages

     - [PowerPC Beginner's Tutorial]( (Experiment5X)
  • Java

      - (RDCA)

Applications & Misc

Here you can find tutorials people have requested to be added to the list.
You can also find the most popular IDEs for software development for each language.

  • C / C++

      - [C - Learn C and C++ Programming -](
      - [ - The C++ Resources Network](
      - [antiRTFM's Channel - YouTube](
      - [C++ Programming Tutorials Playlist - YouTube](
      - [C++ Programming Tutorials from thenewboston - YouTube](
      - [C Programming Tutorials - YouTube](
      - [C++ Qt Programming - YouTube](
  • Web Development

      - [PHP: Documentation](
      - [phpacademy | Free PHP Video Tutorials](
      - [Learn web design and development online free at DevelopPHP](
      - [PHP Programming Tutorials - YouTube](
      - [W3Schools Online Web Tutorials](    
  • .NET

      - [Visual Studio Books](
  • C#

      - [C# Beginners Tutorials Playlist - YouTube](
      - [MSDN Visual C#](
      - [C# Corner](

     - [MSDN Visual Basic](
  • x64

      - [Practical x64 Assembly  Tutorials](
  • Misc

      - [Unix OS](
      - [Data Structures](
      - [Operating Systems](
      - [Git](
      - [Google Programming Lectures](


  • Visual Studio 2010

      - [Visual C++ 2010 Express](
      - [Visual C# 2010 Express](
      - [Visual Basic 2010 Express](
  • Java

      - [Eclipse - The Eclipse Foundation open source community website.](
      - [Welcome to NetBeans](
  • C++

      - [Code::Blocks](
      - [Bloodshed Software - Dev-C++](
      - [Qt Creator IDE and tools — Qt - A cross-platform application and UI framework](
  • Assembly

     - [AsmHighlighter - x86 ASM Syntax Highlighting AddIn for Visual Studio - Downloads](
     - [flat assembler](
     - [Index of /pub/nasm/releasebuilds](;O=D)
  • Web Development

      - [Sublime Text - Download](

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Nice thread! Pretty usefull thanks!

Nice thread, here are a couple other really good resources.

C++ QT Tutorials

x64 Tutorials

Nice thread Frankie!
Very well put together.

P.S: I see you got Diamond! Congrats yo!

Language: VB

Thanks, I have added the tutorials. :thumbsup:

I require VS 2010.

sweet, i feel like doing more simple tuts xD Those are my Java tutorials, and I kinda need to update the thread but I will eventually.

Also there is my .DLL information thread

Awesome thread, thanks for sharing frankie!

I think i should go into programming now :wink:

Added both to the list :thumbsup:

EDIT: Also added the section IDEs

Nice thread! help me a lot with the php thanks

flat assembler
Index of /pub/nasm/releasebuilds

The top link gives you everything you need to start making apps in FASM, and the second one is for NASM.[tutorial]creating-single-application-updater.html

Thanks. This is a very useful thread! :smile:

For PHP or any other web script/languages W3Schools Online Web Tutorials.

Not sure under what category to put this.

Thanks, I have added your tutorials :smile:

Thanks, added now :smile:

Those are two different Assembler languages, but those would be considered IDE’s in the layout you have now.

Also Sublime Text 2 is the best web dev program I have seen so far:

All 3 added.

Thanks, this will come in use.

Also, why is this not a sticky? Easy navigation throughout the programming section.

EDIT: It is now. :smile:

Thread got stickied < 3 Thnx Chris.

Don’t forget to link me to Tutorials, IDEs and other programming resources. So I can add them here.