Project Genom

Project Genom is a new MMORPG shooter in a sci-fi setting.

New game from small indie studio.
Project Genom features:

  • quality graphics on Unreal Engine 4
  • detailed role-playing system that
    allows players to level up with no limits to skill levels
  • pets
  • endless possibility to craft and
    enhance items
  • advanced economic system
  • land and air transport
  • advanced PvP that in addition to
    free zones and battle arenas includes a system of traps, ambushes and looting
  • system of clans and raids
  • no pay-to-win!
    The project is at the alpha testing stage. Testing is set to kick off on April 10.


Pre-Alpha Gameplay:

Looks pretty good, where do I sign up to participate?

Please register on official game site
In Project Genom you can craft many weapons, for example mechanical manipulator-hand (huge damage!)

or many options of guns

No offense dev man, but this looks like a total snoozer.

Pretty much sums up my feelings about the trailer