Project iKonroi - Online JTAG/RGH

This is the OFFICIAL Release
Added note: Konroi and I have been up all night working on this so if you aim either of us and don’t receive a response please be patient. Thank you.

Credits: iKonroi -(Skype - attrelay) Aim- i.Konroi

Amazing :3 been waiting for this day <3

I ****ing love you it worked **** htm for banning me. There getting hit so bad man.

We need something like this to be XboxMB diamond exclusive.

However, it’s very noble of you and the creator to share it public. Mad props.

going to be patched vary soon already called MS and told them how to patch it :wink: <htm be mad lolololol.

To bad calling MS did no good besides waste time. Everyone there is idiots and have no clue what the hell you are talking about.

That’s no fun.

Its funny because they pay 2k for the files lmao.

Microsoft pays 2k for the files?

Lol. No they don’t.

im talking about htm(rob) and who they buy it from as jester was charging 2k but i heard he didnt sell to htm. Maybe chal got them online or xpgame(ima go with xp)

Props to you for releasing this for free.

I honestly find it pathetic that kids work this hard to cheat online. It’s one thing to mod games and such, but going online and cheating is stupid. It shows that you lack skill.

Before anyone says things like “Oh this is a modding site!”, just shut up. I know what site this is. I mod games as well, but I do it in single player for fun. I don’t ruin other peoples games online like most JTAG/RGH kids strive to do.

Damn, need my triple nand project going lol. I’d bring so many crazy Halo 3 maps online haha.

I posted this yesterday. Way to jack a thread

This is a modding site.

You may know what site it is, but modding is what we do.
I don’t agree with online modding, but b*tching about it isn’t going to do anything.

I know modding is what we do. I just said I do it all the time, but offline. I don’t ruin another players game with it.

He didn’t release it. Konroi released it last night. I released it here last night as well but they deleted my thread so he could post it

I know, but letting people know that it annoys you, will just encourage them to do it more.

If you read the original post, you would have seen that they were working on it together.

He released the broken files, you released the broken version, not the one me and him stayed up all night fixing. You could say I changed the files but they’re coming directly from his server with credits to me in the readme.txt. Also you’ve been banned here before Snoods making another account is against the considering what you were banned for.

Not all online modding ruins it for others. It depends whether the user wants to cheat or attempt to get similar customisation as PC.

Currently Halo modding is the cloest we’ve got to PC customisation but it seems everybody in the scene wants to cheat or make money.