Project Wingman Windows store request

Could someone create a trainer for the Windows store version of the game, please?

Thank you so much.

Welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

Trainers are made based on their popularity within the community. This is determined by:

  1. How many WeMod members have the game installed. The WeMod software detects this automatically.

  2. How many WeMod members are following or have it added as a favourite.
    To follow the game, click “Notify Me” on the game’s page in the WeMod software.
    To favourite a game, click the star icon next to the trainer’s name in the WeMod software.

  3. The number of boosts put into the game by Pro members to boost it further up the development queue when it appears there due to being determined as popular via the previous points.

Please be advised that Windows Store is quite unpopular with the larger gaming community in general.

Learn more about this system here: Game Queue & Boosts - WeMod Support.

Thanks for letting me know. I am new to this community. I saw one request post about this game that was posted earlier. And thought that was the way Wemod works.