Prototype 2 mission won't start

Hi guys, i hardly post on here but just wondering does anyone know why whenever i try and start a mission on prototype it won’t start ? i modded my level on it to 23 but thats all… any ideas?

Try to make a new save then modded it or re-mod you’re level 23 to a level 22 or lower.

i also have this problem and i am very far into it.
i also modded it at an early stage

you can either do what i did and go around for about 30 mins and do some Lair missions and finding black boxes then go back and try and it should work, or you can mod the level down to 22

Im pretty sure it’s because you modded it. I beat the game today without any “mission won’t start” problems.

Edit: I have never modded it and seemed to work perfectly, without any glitches or errors.