PS Vita Location Spoofing

Good evening from Plymouth!

I had purchased a PS Vita about a month ago. It had 1.06 OFW. Since then, it now has 3.35 OFW (Bad idea on my part).

I’m wondering on if there is a location spoofing trick or hack to change the “physical” location of where I am…

It is a WiFi/3G model First Gen.

Thanks in advance!

There is no spoofing for the PS Vita. Only chance you have at spoofing your PS Vita is to get it modded. If you need the site name where all they talk about is PS Vita modding, PM me. I’m in the PSP / PS Vita hacking scene as well.

I need to replace the screen on my 1st gen Vita. Is it worth it or should I just buy a new one?

I had to replace mine as well and they wanted $149 for the replacement. Instead, I looked on ebay and snatched up a white PS Vita that wasn’t used much for the price of $169.