I know that Horizon is a Xbox modding tool, but since everybody always say “STILL NEED TO TRY” or “I DIDN’T TRY IT YET” about using it with PS3, I decided to test by myself.
The thing is: I already know how to use it, but when I connect a flash drive to my computer, Horizon never recognizes it.
Yeah, I also know that it probably does not load because you should first configure it on the Xbox, but since i’m trying it on the PS3, is there a way to load a normal USB flash drive? So i can finally understand if it works or not with PS3

If PS3 doesn’t use an abnormal storage system you should be able to browse the files using the windows file explorer. I doubt horizon will work though as PS3 saves use different encryption I believe. You can private message Unknown V2 and ask about it. He was working on some PS3 tools at one point and I’m sure could answer your questions.

Horizon is an Xbox 360 ONLY modding tool. So no, it will not work for PS3 modding in any way. Sorry.

Get a 360 and you’re in business.

Not gonna work, even if it was as simple as editing data within the save offsets aren’t going to remain static across platforms (Meaning the data value location changes.) Horizon is useless for Sony Consoles or even PC games for that matter. Though I believe you can mod Skyrim for the PC with Horizon.