PS4 Skyrim and Fallout 4 mods cancelled!

Saw this yesterday. It sucks because I play on ps4. Plus, skyrim remastered on ps4 will be useless for most(?) people.

Would it have anything to do with cheating? With mods you only add skins and such, you can not edit memory and so on eh? i understand you do that to add the mods but what i mean is could you make a mod to give you infinite health or somthing?

Link to an official statement from Bethesda, I think it is a load of bollocks this,sony not letting the players use mods thats is. Are they still angry that the new Ghostbusters movie flopped lol.

Yea you can or make an item that gives you health buff, I made one for fallout 4 and it gives you 9,999,999 health, carryweight, and action points

I was wondering if you could possibly code a glitch in to a mod (I have no experience with those games mods) where you could sort of crash the system and run homebrew code or something? Maybe they are protecting against that possibility.

I know DDProductions figured out how to make a DRM for mods that could basically ruin save games but I don’t know why Sony are such bitches

Sony is the worst.

I read somewhere that it has to do with custom textures, and that Sony just doesn’t wanna have much of a helping hand with formatting it for the PS4.